GOUNLI300 | Globe Unli Call and Text 15 DAYS Promo

GOUNLI300 is the promo code for Globe Unli Call and Text 15 DAYS promo. It is the second longest unlimited call and text duration of all GLOBE unli call and text promo. 15 Days to enjoy all the benefits that comes along with this promo.

It’s never too difficult to connect with friends or family if you are not around for at least 15 days since this practical Globe promo will help you save more money and time especially when you are going to off beaten paths or destinations.

Globe Unli Call and Text 15 Days Promo

This is just as good as spending 20 Pesos per day since you are going to spend 300 Pesos of this promo. 20 Pesos x 15 days = 300 Pesos unli call and text promo.

GOUNLI300 Globe Unli Call and Text 15 Days Promo

Globe’s GOUNLI300 promo package includes the following:

  • Unlimited Calls to Globe and TM Subscribers
  • Unlimited Texts to all networks
  • +Viber
  • +Facebook Messenger
  • +KakaoTalk
  • +Whatsapp
  • +WeChat
  • +Line

If you have your relatives or friends abroad, you can still reach them though online chatting with the mobile apps listed above.

How to Register

TEXT GOUNLI300 and SEND to 8888, in order to subscribe to Globe Unli Call and Text 15 Days Promo. After sending, just wait for a moment for the confirmation reply by Globe.

The alternative way if you cannot register:

  1. Dial *149# in your mobile phone.
  2. A menu will flash and chose #5. Combo Pomos
  3. Then, select #1. GoUnli
  4. All GoUnli promo packages will appear then chose #2. GoUNLI300 – 15 days
  5. Finally, to subscribe to GoUNLI300, chose #1.

How to Call

To call with GOUNLI300, just dial the 11 digit number. No additional prefix code required. Example: 09061234567

You need at least 300 Pesos worth of Globe Load in order to avail the GOUNLI300 Globe Call and Text Promo 15 Days Promo. Again, it is valid only for 15 days.

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