GOUNLI500 | Globe Unli Call and Text 1 MONTH Promo

GOUNLI500 is the promo code for Globe Unli Call and Text 1 MONTH Promo. While everybody is checking when will their unlimited promo expire, you are just too busy doing other things.

Since you know exactly when you will load again since you are subscribed to 1 MONTH Unli Promo by Globe. That’s why you only check your balance only once a month.

To those looking up with this promo, here it is. Globe Unli Call and Text 1 MONTH Promo comes with this awesome bundle:

  • Unlimited Calls to Globe and TM Subscribers
  • Unlimited Texts to all networks
  • Free Facebook up to 10 MB
  • Viber
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Kakaotalk
  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat
  • LineGlobe Unli Call and Text 1 Month Promo

So this bundle is not just limited to Calls and Texts but also to online communications.

How to Register

To register to Globe Unli Call and Text 1 MONTH Promo, just TEXT GOUNLI500 and send to 8888. Wait for a few seconds or minutes Globe to confirm your registration via TEXT MESSAGE.

The other way to register is:

  1. In your mobile phone, Dial *143#
  2. A menu will appear and what you want to choose is #5. Combo Promos
  3. Another menu will pop-up and choose #1. GoUnli
  4.  All GOUNLI promos will appear and choose #1. GoUNLI500 – 30 days
  5. Lastly, type #1 to subscribe to this pomo.

How to Call

You don’t need any codes before dialing a GLOBE Mobile Number, just as is. Example: 09061234567

To subscribe to GOUNLI500 GLOBE Unli Call and Text 1 Month Promo, you need at least Php 500. This promo is valid only for 30 days or 1 month.


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