Philippines Ranked 21st in Internet Download Speed in Asian Countries

Since the internet was born and these big Internet Service Providers invaded the entire Philippines, we cannot deny the fact that internet connection is poor, slow and what could be worse? Expensive.

It is not new. It is not something fresh. It is not something we never experience. It’s just that change is coming soon.

But before that, let’s try to look at our current status when it comes to internet download speed base on Ookla, a site that collects and ranks user download speeds around the world.

Top 22 Countries with Fastest Internet Download Speed in ASIA

  1. Singapore: 122.43 Mbps
  2. Hong Kong: 102.96 Mbps
  3. Japan: 82.12 Mbps
  4. South Korea: 59.77 Mbps
  5. Macau: 50.66 Mbps
  6. Taiwan: 50.59 Mbps
  7. Thailand: 19.82 Mbps
  8. Mongolia: 17.92 Mbps
  9. Vietnam: 17.70 Mbps
  10. Bangladesh: 9.86 Mbps
  11. Cambodia: 9.04 Mbps
  12. Nepal: 8.63 Mbps
  13. Brunei: 7.99 Mbps
  14. Bhutan: 7.82 Mbps
  15. India: 7.04 Mbps
  16. Malaysia: 7.03 Mbps
  17. Laos: 6.92 Mbps
  18. Indonesia: 6.68 Mbps
  19. Myanmar: 6.54 Mbps
  20. Pakistan: 4.00 Mbps
  21. Philippines: 3.64 Mbps
  22. Afghanistan: 2.52 Mbps

And there you have it, Philippines at #21 making it having the 2nd slowest internet connection in ASIA. If we compare Philippines at Rank 21st and Singapore at Rank 1st, internet download speed in Singapore is around 33 times faster than us.

Philippines Ranked 21st in Internet Download Speed in ASIA

Internet Connection in the Philippines is not just slow, but worse is EXPENSIVE. Internet users in the Philippines spend $18 per Mbps while the rest of the internet users around the world is only paying for around $5!

But, with this excellent idea of the NEW PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of the PHILIPPINES, PRESIDENT RODRIGO R. DUTERTE, it could change the entire system.

The president said that he will open up the Philippines to other internet providers around the world for them to increase the competition, go for faster internet connection, then beat the price! Excellent right?

It would benefit all of us!

To assess these information, watch this video below.

Share this with your friends because regarding with the slow internet connection in the Philippines, change is coming soon.

Source: GMA News, Ookla


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