GOUNLI80 | Globe Unli Call and Text 3 Days Promo

GOUNLI80 is the Globe promo code for Globe unli call and text 3 days promo. This promo is most popularly availed especially if there are upcoming events in the next day. The event could be a fiesta like Kadayawan or Sinulog, for sure it is difficult to register in that day. It is because a lot of people are trying to register to a combo promo just like you to contact also their friends.

Wise people tend to avail this promo so no hustle registering on the day of the event. While many other are still at home complaining why they can’t register to unli call and text promo, you are just chilling with your friends and calling or texting others to join the gathering.

GOUNLI80 Globe Unli Call and Text 3 Days Promo

Globe GOUNLI80 promo comes with the following benefits:

  • Unlimited Text to all Networks
  • Unlimited Calls to Globe/TM Subscribers
  • Chat with:
    • Viber
    • Line
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Whatsapp
    • WeChat
    • KakaoTalk

This globe combo promo is all valid for 3 days.

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