List of Sun Cellular iSurf Promos

With Sun Cellular iSurf Promos, you can surf the web without worrying about your internet connectivity. You can simply enjoy all-day surfing, watching movies, streaming music videos, playing online games and a whole lot more!

The primary and sole offer of Sun Cellular iSurf Promos is a promise of an all-day internet surfing! That’s why this is the best and recommended promo for those heavy internet Sun Broadband Users (Pocket Wifi or Modem Stick).

Sun Cellular iSurf Promo - Sun Broadband

However, here’s the catch. The sad reality in the Philippines about “prepaid internet connection” is that most telecom have “data cap”. This means that when you have consumed the maximum limit of data consumption per day, your internet connection runs much slower than the normal speeds.

Well, Sun Cellular iSurf Promos have 800MB data cap per day. But this is actually not that bad, although we love to have everything unlimited internet. As an example of “average internet consumption”, here’s a data from Sun Cellular:

  • 1 send chat message = 20KB
  • 1 Facebook status or comment = 30KB
  • 1 Instagram post = 250KB
  • 1 email with attachment = 300KB
  • 1 web page = 1.3MB
  • 1 song stream = 2.5MB
  • 1 video stream = 13MB

So base on the sample internet activities and corresponding average data consumption above, you can estimate that there are plenty of things you can do before the 800MB data cap is reached.

List of Sun Cellular iSurf Promos

Promo Name Promo Details How to Register Price Validity
iSurf 50
  • All-day surfing up to 800MB per day
Text iSurf50 to 247 ₱50 1 day
iSurf 100
  • All-day surfing up to 800MB per day
Text iSurf100 to 247 ₱100 3 days
iSurf 220
  • All-day surfing up to 800MB per day
Text iSurf220 to 247 ₱220 7 days

Say for example you have reach the data cap (800MB) within the day but you still need to connect with the internet. The best thing you can do is to subscribe to other internet promos of Sun Cellular that’s also open for Sun Broadband Users.

These are the following promos that’s compatible/recommended to register for you to have internet access until the next day comes when your normal connection resumes:

Well, that was the complete list of Sun Cellular iSurf Promos for Sun Broadband users, each variant’s registration details and some essential information. Let us know your thoughts about iSurf Promos in the comment section.

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