List of Touch Mobile (TM) Internet Promos 2017

Using a TM SIM and a smartphone, it is possible to access the internet through Touch Mobile (TM) Internet Promos. Millions of its subscribers are enjoying the mobile internet and add-on promos from as low as ₱2.

TM offers unlimited mobile internet in SUPERSURF Promos, consumable data packages in GoSURF Promos and ₱2 Mobile Internet as an add-on to any TM promos. Through these selections, access to mobile apps and websites are made possible to TM subscribers.

TM Internet Promos

Republika ng TM is a  cellular service brand of Globe Telecommunications Company. So, if you are using a TM SIM and likes to have an internet connection when there are no WIFI internet available, check out the best TM internet promos on the table.

Contribute: If you know TM Internet Promos not listed below, do share it with us via comment so more people would know.

List of Touch Mobile (TM) Internet Promos 2017

Promo Name Internet Promo Details How to Register Validity Cost
SUPERSURF50 Unlimited Mobile Internet Text SUPERSURF50 to 8080 1 Day ₱50
SUPERSURF200 Unlimited Mobile Internet Text SUPERSURF200 to 8080 5 Days ₱200
GoSURF10 40MB Mobile Internet Data Text GoSURF10 to 8080 1 Day ₱10
  • 40MB Mobile Internet Data
  • 300MB Mobile Legends
Text GoSURF15 to 8080 2 Days ₱15
  • 1GB Mobile Internet Data
  • 300MB for App of Choice
Text GoSURF50 to 8080 3 Days ₱50
  • 1.5GB Mobile Internet Data
  • 1GB for App of Choice
Text GoSURF299 to 8080 30 Days ₱299
  • 4GB Mobile Internet Data
  • 1GB for App of Choice
Text GoSURF599 to 8080 30 Days ₱599
  • 8GB Mobile Internet Data
  • 1GB for App of Choice
Text GoSURF999 to 8080 30 Days ₱999

List of TM Mobile Internet App Promos

App Data Allocation How to Register Validity Cost 10 MB Text MU20 to 8080 1 Day ₱2
YouTube 20 MB Text YOUTUBE2 to 8080 5 Days ₱2
Clash of Clans 10 MB Text COC2 to 8080 1 Day ₱2
Google 10 MB Text GOOGLE2 to 8080 2 Days ₱2
Twitter 10 MB Text TWITTER2 to 8080 3 Days ₱2
Instagram 10 MB Text INSTAGRAM2 to 8080 30 Days ₱2
WeChat 10 MB Text WECHAT2 to 8080 30 Days ₱2
Clash of Clans and Mobile Legends (new) 300 MB Text GG30 to 8080 3 Days ₱30

The ₱2 TM App Promos can also be availed in ₱5 for 2 days. Just change the last keyword “2” into “5”. Example: Text GOOGLE5 to 8080. Then, you’ll have access to Google App for 2 days instead of 1 day.

That was the List of Touch Mobile (TM) Internet Promos. If you have any questions or additional promos, do share it in comment.


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