List of TM EasySurf Promos – Consumable Data Plus Freebies

For TM Prepaid subscribers who are looking for a promo that grants bulk consumable internet data, then TM EasySurf Promo is the recommended for you. You have already known that Republika ng TM is a subsidiary of Globe Telecom. No wonder that this TM EasySurf Promo seems to be a counterpart of Globe GoSurf Promo.

With TM EasySurf Promo, you can have mobile internet data that you can use to surf the web (Google, Yahoo…), chat with friends (Facebook Messenger, Viber…), post on social media apps (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook…) play mobile games (Mobile Legends, COC…), and pretty much anything which uses internet. Since it offers consumable data (example: 1GB), once its fully consumed, your internet “open-access” shall be stopped.

TM EasySurf Promo

There are plenty of EasySurf variants you can choose from depending on your needs and of course, your budget. These includes EasySurf 10, EasySurf 15, EasySurf 30, EasySurf 50, EasySurf 299, EasySurf 599 and EasySurf 999.

When you register to EasySurf 50 and up, you’ll receive FREEBIES! An additional data for Choice of App and 2GB data exclusive for EasyWATCH and EasyPLAY apps.

Choice of App

As mentioned, for EasySurf 50, 299, 599 and 999, you’ll have additional freebie which let’s you choose an app for FREE! These are the app choices:

  • Facebook
  • Viber
  • Snapchat
  • Games (Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends, Pokemon GO, Clash of Clans, & Clash Royale)
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube & Daily Motion
  • Spotify, or
  • HOOQ & Disney (for EasySURF599 and 999 only)

EasyWATCH Apps

TM EasySurf categorized EasyWatch Apps as ones that let’s you watch videos online. These includes the following:

  1. YouTube
  2. Netflix
  3. HOOQ
  4. NBA
  5. Cartoon Network
  6. Watch Disney Channel
  7. Fox+

EasyPLAY Apps

Then, what do you mean by EasyPlay Apps? These are the popular online mobile game apps which includes the following:

  1. Mobile Legends
  2. Clash of Clans
  3. Clash Royale
  4. Arena of Valor
  5. Pokemon Go

List of TM EasySurf Promos

Promo Name Promo Details How to Register Price Validity
EasySurf 10
  • 40MB internet data
Text EASYSURF10 to 8080 ₱10 1 day
EasySurf 15
  • 40MB internet data
  • 30MB for Arena of Valor
Text EASYSURF15 to 8080 ₱15 2 days
EasySurf 30
  • 150MB internet data
  • 50MB for Facebook, Viber, Snapchat or Pokemon Go
Text EASYSURF30 to 8080 ₱30 2 days
EasySurf 50
  • 1GB internet data
  • +300MB for Choice of App
  • +2GB for EasyWATCH and EasyPLAY Apps
Text EASYSURF50 to 8080 ₱50 3 days
EasySurf 299
  • 1.5GB internet data
  • +1GB for Choice of App
  • +2GB for EasyWATCH and EasyPLAY Apps
Text EASYSURF299 to 8080 ₱299 30 days
EasySurf 599
  • 4GB internet data
  • +1GB for Choice of App
  • +2GB for EasyWATCH and EasyPLAY Apps
Text EASYSURF599 to 8080 ₱599 30 days
EasySurf 999
  • 8GB internet data
  • +1GB for Choice of App
  • +2GB for EasyWATCH and EasyPLAY Apps
Text EASYSURF999 to 8080 ₱999 30 days

How to Get FREEBIE

So for example you have registered to EasySurf50. That promo lets you have 1GB internet data and a freebie which is 300MB for choice of app. Now you might ask, how can I get or claim the freebie?

After you have registered to EasySurf50, you’ll receive a confirmation message from TM which includes your freebie choices. You just have to reply with the KEYWORDS as seen on the confirmation message from TM.

These are freebie selection from EasySurf50:

  • For Facebook, text EZ50 FB
  • For Twitter, text EZ50 TWITTER
  • For Instagram, text EZ50 IG
  • For Snapchat, text EZ50 SNAPCHAT
  • For Viber, text EZ50 VIBER
  • For Mobile Legends, Pokemon Go and COC, text EZ50 GAMES
  • For YouTube and Dailymotion, text EZ50 VIDEO
  • For Spotify, text EZ50 SPOTIFY
  • For, text EZ50 MU

Basically, you just have to read on the confirmation message once you have registered and reply with the given KEYWORDS of your corresponding app of choice. Example, if you want to choose Instagram, just reply with EZ50 IG.

How to Check Internet Data Balance

To check how much internet data you have left, just text EZ STATUS to 8080.

How to Check Data for Freebie

To check the data of your chosen freebie, simply text EZ<denomination><freebie>STATUS to 8080.

For example, EZ50 Instagram STATUS and send to 8080.

How to Stop EasySurf Subscription

To stop, meaning your data shall be emptied and you don’t want to continue your registration with EasySurf, just text EZ STOP to 8080.

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That was the complete list of TM EasySurf Promos that grants huge consumable internet data. What can you say about this? Let us know in the comment section.

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