Sun Cellular Unlimited Call and Text Promo for 1 Month

Sun Cellular offers unlimited call and text promo for 1 month or 30 days that’s best for those prepaid subscribers who wants to use these services on a monthly basis. Of course, registering to one of the 1 month validity promos of SUN makes it lighter for the budget as well as hassle-free whenever the need arise to contact someone.

As a pioneer of unlimited calls and unlimited texts services, Sun Cellular actually offers other promos with shorter validity. However, if you register on a daily basis, this costs you more money than registering directly to a 1 month promo.

Sun Cellular Unlimited Call and Text Promo for 1 Month

Say for example, you registered a Call and Text Unlimited 25 promo. This one offers unlimited calls to Sun, unlimited texts to all networks plus free Facebook with a validity of 1 day and costs ₱25. However, the Call and Text Unlimited 450 offers much better call and text credits plus a freebie with a validity of 30 days which costs ₱450.

If you register at Call and Text Unlimited 25 on a daily basis, you’ll spend ₱750 in one month. While, you only need to spend ₱450 to register at Call and Text Unlimited 450. So it’s a lot cheaper that saves you handsome banknotes.

Other than Call and Text Unlimited 450, Sun Cellular also has a 30-day call and text promo called Wais 200 that offers unlimited calls and texts to Sun Cellular and 500 texts to Smart and Talk ‘N Text for the price of ₱200. The details of these promos are arranged on the table below.

Sun Cellular Unlimited Call and Text Promo for 1 Month

Promo Name Promo Description
Wais 200
  • Unlimited calls to Sun Cellular
  • Unlimited texts to Sun Cellular
  • 500 texts to Smart and TNT

Price: ₱200
Validity: 30 Days
Registration: Text WAIS200 to 247

Call and Text Unlimited 450
  • Unlimited calls Sun, Smart, and Talk ‘N Text
  • Unlimited texts to all networks
  • 1.5GB open access data

Price: ₱450
Validity: 30 Days
Registration: Text CTU450 to 247

So depending on your needs, you can register to either of these Sun Cellular Unlimited Call and Text Promos for 1 Month. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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