TM 30 Days Internet Promos

Republika ng TM, commonly shortened to just TM, offers 30 days or 1 month internet promo to its prepaid subscribers. TM is very popular telecommunications company that offers very affordable promos but usually comes with shorter validity.

TM doesn’t even offer call and text promo that’s valid for a month. Technically, they offer an “EXTEND” promo, from the name itself, it grants you 1 day extension for the promo you have availed. But this seems to be a hassle for some. Moreover, many subscribers are glad that they can now avail a 30 days or 1 month internet promo from TM.

TM 30 Days Internet Promo

Through TM EasySurf 299, 599 and 999, you can now avail a 30-day internet data promo. It grants you huge volume of “open-access” data that you can use in all your internet needs. You can play online mobile games, surf the web, open your social media apps, emails and a lot more.

Furthermore, the EasySurf promo for 30 days grants you additional 1GB data for the app of your choice, either Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. In addition to that, you’ll have additional 2GB data for EasyWatch Apps (YouTube, Netflix, Cartoon Network, etc.) and EasyPlay Apps (Mobile Legends, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, etc).

There are also other TM 30 days internet promos that offers exclusive access for certain apps. The Games99 promo offers only data access for game apps while Facebook199 offers internet data exclusive for Facebook app.

Mainly, the TM internet promos that has a validity of 30 days or 1 month are: EasySurf 299, EasySurf 599, EasySurf 999, Games 99 and Facebook 199. Choose the one that suites your budget and internet needs. EasySurf is much recommended than the others.

TM 30 Days Internet Promos

Promo Name Promo Details How to Register Price Validity
EasySurf 299
  • 1.5GB data
  • 1GB for App of Choice
  • 2GB for EasyWatch and EasyPlay Apps
Text EASYSURF299 to 8080 ₱299 30 days
EasySurf 599
  • 4GB data
  • 1GB for App of Choice
  • 2GB for EasyWatch and EasyPlay Apps
Text EASYSURF599 to 8080 ₱599 30 days
EasySurf 999
  • 8GB data
  • 1GB for App of Choice
  • 2GB for EasyWatch and EasyPlay Apps
Text EASYSURF999 to 8080 ₱999 30 days
Games 99
  • 300MB data for Game Apps
Text GAMES99 to 8080 ₱99 30 days
Facebook 199
  • 1GB data for Facebook
Text FB199 to 8080 ₱199 30 days

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Those were the TM internet promos for 30 days, its promo descriptions, prices and registration keywords. Let us know your thoughts about this in the comment section.

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