List of TM SuperSurf Promos – Unlimited Mobile Internet

TM SuperSurf Promo is one of the newest promos of TM that offers “unlimited mobile internet“. Wait, you are probably aware of the Fair Use Policy being implemented by telecommunication giants in the country right?

It’s just amazing that TM managed to pull up a promo wherein it grants you non-stop mobile internet through TM SuperSurf Promo. Though it has been known that this “unlimited internet” has long been given a data cap, which is at 800MB per day for prepaid subscribers.

TM SuperSurf Promo 2018

This means, with TM SuperSurf Promo, you can post and scroll your timelines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all day. You can surf the web through Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search apps and do your research without worrying about your internet data. You can even watch YouTube videos, download and upload files!

Perhaps, this is probably the same with other internet data promo of other networks that comes in 800MB data cap. It’s “unlimited” in such a way that when you reach the daily data limit, it’s just that you’ll experience slower internet speed than the normal. Let’s keep an eye on the updates of this promo but right now, we are just glad that TM offers SuperSurf Promo. It comes with 2 variants, SuperSurf 50 and SuperSurf 200.

List of TM SuperSurf Promos – Unlimited Mobile Internet

Promo Name Promo Details How to Register Price Validity
SuperSurf 50 Unlimited mobile internet for 1 day Text SUPERSURF50 to 8080 ₱50 1 day
SuperSurf 200 Unlimited mobile internet for 5 days Text SUPERSURF200 to 8080 ₱200 5 days

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That was 2 variants of TM SuperSurf Promos and its essential details. If you have any personal experience or updates about this promo, let us know in the comment section.

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