How to Activate Smart Roaming

Smart Prepaid SMS and Voice International Roaming is a service of Smart that allows its subscribers to use their mobile numbers even when outside the country. Through an easy activation of the Smart Roaming Service, a subscriber may still send and receive text messages as well as make and answer calls abroad.

On the other hand, if roaming service is currently active and you are outside the Philippines, most Smart promos in calls, texts and mobile internet won’t be available. Standard rates in international incoming and outgoing calls and texts shall be applied. However, there are still promos you may avail but expect it to be more expensive than in the Philippines.

How to Activate Smart Roaming

How to Activate Smart Roaming

To activate Smart Roaming Service, simply text ROAM ON to 333. It is recommended to activate your roaming service 24 hours prior to your departure. Moreover, a ₱100 load balance is needed to activate and keep your account active.

When your load balance falls below ₱100, Smart will text you to reload or top up your load. Otherwise, your roaming service might be deactivated on a given period of time.

How to Call

To call a mobile phone in the Philippines, just dial in this format: Dial +63 + Mobile Access Code + 7 Digits Mobile Number.

How to Text

To send a text message in the Philippines, simply send your text message in this format: +63 + Mobile Access Code + Recipient Number.

Smart Roaming Promos

TxTipid is a roaming promo of smart which you can send a text message to the Philippines for as low as ₱2 per text. To register, simply dial *133#.

By the time you come back to the Philippines, make sure to deactivate your roaming service to avail services being offered in the country. To deactivate, just text ROAM OFF to 333.

Roaming Services of Other Networks:

That was the quick guide on How to Activate Smart Roaming service. If you have any questions, use the comment section.

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