UCT350 – Smart Unlimited Call and Text Promo for 1 Month

The Smart UCT350 Promo allows its prepaid subscribers to have unlimited calls and unlimited texts for 1 month or 30 days! This is one of the cheapest and budget-friendly promo of Smart that offers non-stop talking and sending SMS with your loved ones that comes in a longer validity.

You are probably a Smart Subscriber that needs to contact someone on a regular/daily basis. It could be your friends for some regular meetups, family member to drive you home from school or work, or simply a lover or lifetime partner.

UCT350 - Smart Unlimited Call and Text Promo for 1 Month

Well, your best option would be to subscribe to a Smart 1 month unlimited call and text promo. It is a common perception that when you register to a network promo with longer validity, usually you can save some money rather than registering on a daily basis. And this is true for Smart UCT350.

To have a concrete proof, say you want to have unlimited call and text daily. Let’s compare the least and the favorable option you have. The least one is that you register to UCT30, this grants you same unlimited call and text capability but only has a validity of 1 day with a price tag of ₱30! With that in mind, you need to spend whooping PHP900 for 1 month!

Whereas, when you register to UCT350, you only need to spend ₱350! So really, you can save few hundred pesos based on our given comparison.

Moreover, UCT350 offers not just unlimited calls to Smart, TNT and Sun Cellular and unlimited texts to all networks but also, 1GB data for Facebook Messenger, Viber and Whatsapp. What’s more is that you’ll be granted additional 1 HOUR YouTube per day for 30 days!

UCT350 – Smart Unlimited Call and Text Promo for 1 Month

Here’s a quick summary of Smart UCT350 Promo:

Data: 1GB for Facebook Messenger, Viber and Whatsapp + 1 HOUR YouTube (1GB per day) for 30 Days!
Call: Unlimited calls to Smart, TNT and Sun Cellular
Text: Unlimited texts to ALL NETWORKS
Validity: 1 month or 30 days
Price: ₱350
Keyword: UCT350
Send to: 9999

How to Register

To register to Smart 1 month unlimited call and text promo, simply text UCT350 to 9999. Alternatively, you can dial *121# Choose More Select UNLI Offers Choose Unli Call & Text 350 Then Reply 1 to register.

Wait for the confirmation message from Smart that you have successfully registered to UCT350 before you call or text someone or turn on your mobile data. This is to avoid an incident wherein you have used your regular load since later you have known that you have not successfully registered to a promo. I know you have experience this before.

How to Call

To make a call, just dial the 11 digits number of the person you need to contact. Just make sure they are Smart, Talk ‘N Text or Sun Cellular subscriber since the unli call offer is applicable only to these networks. You don’t need to type any codes or anything. Just directly dial the number.

Those were the details of Smart UCT350, the Smart unlimited call and text promo for 1 month or 30 days. Let us know your thoughts about this promo in the comment section.


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