List of Smart Video Time Promos – For iFlix and iWant TV

The Smart Video Time Promo is one of the awesome promos of Smart that is dedicated to subscribers who loves to watch movies and TV series. With Smart Video Time Promo, you can watch your favorite Hollywood movies and K-Drama series on iFlix and catch up with the latest episodes on ABS-CBN teleserye and TV shows on iWant TV.

The subscription on these apps let’s you have enough data to watch your favorite movie series. It comes with 500MB up to 8GB data exclusive for iFlix and iWant TV apps. The average data consumption on watching one episode on iFlix and iWant TV app is about 200MB up to 500MB.

Smart Video Time Promo

In case you are watching a movie but you run out of data, you can register to VIDEO30 and send to 9999 to have another 500MB data for streaming! Alternatively, you may also register to an open-access internet data promo of Smart to continue streaming such as GIGASURF and ALL OUT SURF Promo.

So if you are looking for a promo that let’s you enjoy watching movies and TV series, Smart VideoTime Promo is the recommended promo for you. Below are its promo variants that includes the data volume, price, validity and how to register.

List of Smart VideoTime Promos

Promo Name Smart Game Time Details
VideoTime 29 (iWant TV)
  • 500MB for iWant TV video streaming
  • Plus subscription

Price: ₱29
Validity: 1 Day
Registration: Text IWANTTV29 to 9999

VideoTime 29 (iFlix)
  • 500MB for iflix video streaming
  • Plus subscription

Price: ₱29
Validity: 1 Day
Registration: Text IFLIX29 to 9999

VideoTime 99
  • 2GB for iflix and iWant TV video streaming
  • Plus subscription

Price: ₱99
Validity: 7 Days
Registration: Text VIDEO99 to 9999

VideoTime 299
  • 5GB for iflix video streaming
  • Plus subscription

Price: ₱299
Validity: 15 Days
Registration: Text VIDEO299 to 9999

How to Start Watching Movies and TV Series with Smart VideoTime Promo

For iWant TV

  1. First off, you need to have a WIFI connection and download the iWant TV app.
  2. Register to one of the VideoTime Promo above.
  3. Create an iWant TV account with your Smart Number if you don’t have an account yet.
  4. When you registration is successful, you shall receive a confirmation text message from Smart that contains your iWant TV Voucher Code.
  5. Open your iWant TV app, press the Menu button and click the Redeem option.
  6. Enter your Voucher Code and click the Submit button to start video streaming on iWant TV.

For iFlix

  1. Same with the previous guide, you need to download first the iFlix app. The VideoTime promo doesn’t include data to download the app, you need to have a WIFI connection to download.
  2. Register to a VideoTime Promo, see the list above.
  3. Create your account on iFlix in case you don’t have one yet.
  4. After a successful registration, Smart will send you a text message that contains your iFlix Voucher Code.
  5. Open your app, press the Menu and click on the Redeem Voucher sub-menu.
  6. A form shall prompt asking you to enter your iFlix Voucher Code to start streaming movies on iFlix.

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That was the list of Smart VideoTime Promos and useful guides on how to subscribe for iWant TV and iFlix. Let us know your thoughts about this in the comment section. For more information regarding this, you can visit VideoTime Frequently Asked Questions.

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