List of Smart Big Bytes Promos – Affordable Internet Data

The Smart Big Bytes Promo offers consumable internet data that could be a best fit for your mobile surfing needs. With its varied data volumes, it gives you enough options to register to the one that would be enough to cover up your estimated internet data consumption.

What’s best with Smart Big Bytes Promo is that it allows you to have an internet access just for the price of ₱5! Probably one of the cheapest price in this service among telecommunication companies in the country. Moreover, you can also enjoy up to 1GB internet data for 7 days just for the price of ₱70!

Smart Big Bytes Promo

Clearly, you can do a lot of things with this open access data volumes. You can enjoy checking out friends on Facebook, posting perfect shots on Instagram, checking your Gmail, watching videos on YouTube, opening your online banking account or researching information on Google.

So these are the Smart Big Bytes Promo that comes in several variants: Big Bytes 5, 10, 15, 30 and 70. Other denominations before were already upgraded by Smart.

List of Smart Big Bytes Promos – Affordable Internet Data

Promo Name Smart Big Bytes Details
Big Bytes 5
  • 15MB Internet Data

Price: ₱5
Validity: 1 Day
Registration: Text BIG5 to 9999

Big Bytes 10
  • 40MB Internet Data
  • 200MB music streaming from Spinnr

Price: ₱10
Validity: 1 Day
Registration: Text BIG10 to 9999

Big Bytes 15
  • 40MB Internet Data
  • 300MB Spinnr, iflix, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Dubsmash and Skype Qik

Price: ₱15
Validity: 2 Days
Registration: Text BYTES15 to 9999

Big Bytes 30
  • 100MB Internet Data
  • 400MB music streaming from Spinnr

Price: ₱30
Validity: 1 Day
Registration: Text BIG30 to 9999

Big Bytes 70
  • 1GB Internet Data
  • 300MB for YouTube, iflix, Spinnr, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Dubsmash

Price: ₱70
Validity: 7 Days
Registration: Text BIG70 to 9999

If you have registered to a Smart Big Bytes Promo but you decided to add more data. You can actually register again to another Big Byte variant. The remaining data from your previous subscription shall be carried over (added) to the new one. The expiration also follows the one with longer validity.

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That was the list of Smart Big Bytes Promos that offers affordable mobile internet data. Let us know your opinion about this in the comment section.

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