Smart Internet Promos for 1 Month

Most Smart Prepaid subscribers needs to have mobile internet connection on a daily basis that’s why Smart offers internet data promos that’s valid for 1 month or 30 days. You’ll have several choices when it comes to Smart internet promo for 1 month but the main contributing factor in choosing the right promo for you is your mobile internet usage.

Before looking for the internet promos out there, fist you should define what are your needs? Why do you need to have mobile internet connection? So it is important to think about this so that you can choose the best choice for your needs or wants. Well, if you want the best value for your money, think about it.

Smart Internet Promos for 1 Month

Moving on, if you are a light mobile internet user, that means you are just spending few minutes a day looking for your email, Facebook messenger and scroll some posts on your social media accounts, then you can choose to have smaller data allocation. You can have 500MB or 1GB a month would be fine.

On the other hand, if you are a moderate mobile internet user, that means you are spending several times or hours a day chatting with friends through Facebook Messenger or Viber, posting pictures on Instagram, searching the web or few minutes watching videos on YouTube, then it would be wise to get bulk internet data. A 2GB or more would be a nice choice.

Moreover, if you are a heavy internet user, for a month you are spending several hours watching YouTube videos, downloading and uploading photos on your social media apps, playing online games among others, then it’s recommended to subscribe to promo with huge internet data limit.

So its better to address your needs first. Then consider also the price. A 1 month promo of Smart is not that cheap so expect to spend at least ₱99 up to ₱999 with its several choices.

Some promos even include call credits, additional data for YouTube, Vimeo and other apps plus 1 hour YouTube per day! Refer to the table below and register to the one that fits your needs and budget.

List of Smart Internet Promos for 1 Month

Promo Name Promo Details How to Register Price
Sakto Data 99
  • 500MB Internet Data
  • 70 minutes calls to Smart, TNT, SUN
  • Valid for 1 month / 30 days
Text SAKTODATA99 to 9999 ₱99
Giga Surf 299
  • 2GB Internet Data
  • 1.1GB for YouTube, iflix, Spinnr, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Dubsmash
Text GIGA299 to 9999 ₱299
Giga Surf 799
  • 4.5GB Internet Data
  • 1.1GB for YouTube, iflix, Vimeo, Spinnr, Dailymotion and Dubsmash
Text GIGA799 to 9999 ₱799
SurfMax 999
  • 800MB data cap per day
  • Valid for 1 month / 30 days
Text SURFMAX999 to 9999 ₱999
SurfMax Plus 995
  • 800MB data cap per day
  • Valid for 1 month / 30 days
Text SURFMAXPLUS995 to 9999 ₱995

Actually, if you want to check out some budget-friendly internet promos of Smart, you can check out these list of promos:

That was the complete list of Smart Internet Promos for 1 month or 30 days validity. Let us know what’s your opinion about this using the comment section. Meanwhile, you can share this to your friends.

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