List of Smart International Promos

The Smart International Promos offer affordable rates to call and text abroad. Through this, Smart Subscribers in the Philippines may easily contact their loved one’s abroad without worrying too much about the charges.

There are 2 popular Smart Services that allows its prepaid subscribers in the country to cheaply call and text abroad, the SULIT IDD and FLEXI CALL AND TEXT.

List of Smart International Promos

The SULIT IDD offers the lowest international calling which is from ₱2.50 per minute as well as promo rates for calling the countries where most Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are working. On the other hand, FLEXI CALL AND TEXT offers cheapest consumable rates for international texts or calls. In this promo, the charge for 1 minute call is equivalent to 1 text message.

List of Smart International Promos – Call and Text Abroad

Promo Name Description How to Register Validity Cost
Sulit IDD 50 ₱2.50 per minute calls to USA, Canada, Hawaii, Guam and Hong Kong

₱5.00 per minute calls to China, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Macau and Brunei

₱8.00 per minute calls to Australia, Thailand, Japan, Italy, UK, India, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and UAE

USD 0.40 per minute calls to all the countries not mentioned above.

Text SULITIDD50 to 8165 ₱50
Sulit IDD 100 Text SULITIDD100 to 8165 ₱100
Sulit IDD 500 Text SULITIDD500 to 8165 ₱500
Flexi Call and Text 30 6 minutes international call or 6 SMS to USA (mainland), Hawaii, Guam, Canada, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Brunei, India, Indonesia and Thailand Text FCT30 to 9999 3 days ₱30
Flexi Call and Text 50 5 minutes international call or 5 SMS to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Japan, Australia, UK, Italy, Taiwan and Macau Text FCT50 to 9999 7 days ₱50

The regular rates for calling abroad is $0.40 per minute while regular international SMS rate is ₱15 per text.

How to Call or Text

  • To call, simply dial: 00 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number
  • To text, just send the text message to: 00 + Country Code + Phone Number

That was the List of Smart International Promos. Should you have any questions, you may contact Smart directly or drop your thoughts on the comment section.

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