List of Globe International Promos

Globe International Promos allows Globe Prepaid Subscribers in the Philippines to call or text their families or relatives abroad. Though the cheap IDD rates, it’s easier to contact your loved one’s outside the country whenever you need to.

There are 3 Globe International Promo offers namely GOCALLIDD, CHATPLUS and IDD COLLECT CALL.

Globe International Promos

The GOCALLIDD Promo allows you to enjoy calling and exchanging more stories with just  ‎₱2.50 per minute. The CHATPLUS Promo offers minutes of IDD calls as well as access to most Chat Apps. Moreover, IDD COLLECT CALL service allows you to call to Malaysia or Singapore wherein they are going to pay for your call instead of you.

Below are the Globe International Promos arranged in promo name, description, how to register, validity and cost. Subscribe to a promo that suites your needs.

List of Globe International Promos – Calls and Texts

Promo Name Description How to Register Validity Cost
GOCALLIDD 30 ₱30 consumable IDD calls Text GOCALLIDD30 to 8080 7 days ₱30
GOCALLIDD 50 ₱50 consumable IDD calls Text GOCALLIDD50 to 8080 15 days ₱50
GOCALLIDD 100 ₱100 consumable IDD calls Text GOCALLIDD99 to 8080 30 days ₱99
GOCALLIDD 199 ₱200 consumable IDD calls Text GOCALLIDD199 to 8080 30 days ₱199
Chat Plus 25
  • 15 IDD minutes to the US Mainland and Canada
  • Access to Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Google Messenger, LINE, Kakao Talk and WeChat
Text CHATPLUS25 to 8080 1 day ₱25
ChatPlus 299
  • 60 IDD minutes to the US Mainland and Canada
  • Access to Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Google Messenger, LINE, Kakao Talk and WeChat
Text CHATPLUS299 to 8080 30 days ₱299
  • Contact someone in Malaysia and Singapore but they shall pay for your call.
  • To call, just dial <1288><country code><Hotlink prepaid number in Malaysia or Singtel prepaid number in Singapore> Example: 128860123456789
No registration Contact from Malaysia will be charged RM0.20 per 30 seconds.

Contact in Singapore will be charged with SG$0.25 per minute.


  • ₱2.50 rate per minute – Australia, China, Hong Kong, India , Indonesia, Japa, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada, Guam and U.S.A. Mainland
  • ₱5 rate per minute – France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, United Kingdom, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE

Globe International Calls and Texts Standard Rates

  • Regular IDD Rate: $0.40 per minute
  • Regular international SMS: ₱15 per text

How to Call or Text (GOCALLIDD, Chat Plus and Regular Load)

  • To Call, just dial <00> <country code> <area code> <mobile or landline number>
  • To Text, simply send an international SMS to <00> <country code> <phone number>

That was the List of Globe International Promos. Should you have any questions, you can contact Globe or drop your thoughts on the comment section.

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