GoUNLI350 – Globe Unlimited Call and Text Promo for 1 Month

The Globe GoUNLI350 is a recommended promo for you since you have been seeking one that offers unlimited calls and unlimited text for 1 month or 30 days. Well, this is one of the cheapest promo that let’s you have non-stop calling and texting with your loved one’s and friends.

The promo comes with unlimited calls to Globe and TM for 30 days! With longer validity, you don’t need to worry about your available call credits for the rest of the month whenever you need to immediately call someone. Furthermore, the promo includes unlimited texts to all networks. So regardless of what SIM your friend is using, you can always send a text message anytime.

Globe Unlimited Call and Text Promo for 1 Month

In addition to the best-value unlimited call and texts, what’s more is that Globe GoUNLI350 comes with 200MB mobile internet data! You can do a lot of internet activities using this data allocation. You can check your feeds on Facebook, upload photos on Instagram, check your Gmail, watch YouTube videos, play Clash of Clans a lot more. You shall be disconnected when all internet data is consumed.

Registering to a 1 month unlimited call and text promo of Globe is much cheaper than subscribing the same promo on a daily basis. Say GoUNLI20 offers the same feature but has the validity of 1 day for the price of ₱20. That means you need to spend ₱600 in a month by registering to an unli call and text promo daily. Whereas, you only need to spend ₱350 when you register to GoUNLI350 to have 30 days unli call and texts.

GoUNLI350 – Globe Unlimited Call and Text Promo for 1 Month

Here’s a quick summary of the promo:

Data: 200MB internet data + Free Facebook
Call: Unlimited calls to Globe and TM
Text: Unlimited texts to ALL NETWORKS
Validity: 1 month or 30 days
Price: ₱350
Keyword: GOUNLI350
Send to: 8080

How to Register

To register to Globe 1 month unlimited call and text promo, simply text GOUNLI350 to 8080. Alternatively, you can dial *143# Choose Combo Promos Select GOUNLI Offers Choose GOUNLI350 Then Send 1 to register.

Make sure to wait for the message confirmation from Globe if the registration went through before you call or text someone or use your internet data.

How to Call

To make a call, just dial the 11 digits number of the person you need to contact (Globe or TM). You don’t need to type any codes or anything. Just directly dial the number.

Check Balance

To check your remaining internet data or status of your registration, text GOUNLI350 STATUS to 8080.

Those were the details of GOUNLI350, the Globe unlimited call and text promo for 1 month or 30 days. Let us know your opinions in the comment section.

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