Globe Internet Promos For 1 Month

Globe Prepaid offers internet promos with huge volume of data and at the same time, longer validity that lasts up to 30 days or equivalent to 1 month. With Globe 1 month internet promo, you’ll at peace knowing that you can access your favorite social media apps, online banking accounts and business apps among the rest any time of the month.

The most popular Globe promo that offers one month internet data allocation are the Globe GoSURF and SuperSURF Promo. However, there are other Globe Promos that offers internet data but it comes with calls and/or texts services making it less favorable to have huge amount of data with 30 days validity.

Globe Internet Promo for 1 Month

It has been proven for a long time that generally, if you need mobile internet daily, it’s better to register an internet promo that has a long duration. It will save you both money and the trouble of reloading, registering and all that stuff to subscribe again to a promo every single day.

So if you have been looking for a Globe Internet Promo that would be valid for 30 days or 1 whole month, check out the table below and decide what’s best for you.

Globe Internet Promo for 1 Month

Promo Name GLOBE Game Bundle Details
GoSURF 299
  • 1.5GB Internet Data
  • 1GB data for App of Choice

Price: ₱299
Validity: 30 days or 1 month
Registration: Text GOSURF299 to 8080

GoSURF 599
  • 4GB Internet Data
  • 1GB data for App of Choice

Price: ₱599
Validity: 30 days or 1 month
Registration: Text GOSURF599 to 8080

GoSURF 999
  • 8GB Internet Data
  • 1GB data for App of Choice

Price: ₱999
Validity: 30 days or 1 month
Registration: Text GOSURF999 to 8080

SuperSURF 999
  • Unlimited internet access for 1 month
  • 800MB data cap per day

Price: ₱999
Validity: 30 days or 1 month
Registration: Text GOSURF999 to 8080

The GoSURF 299 and GoSURF 599 would be a good option if you are on a budget. You’ll have huge volume of internet data and an additional 1GB data for your choice of app. This means that you can choose to have 1GB Facebook for a month in addition to your regular internet data allocation.

However, if you can afford the GoSURF 999 or SuperSURF 999, personally, I would choose the SuperSURF 999. It is because you can enjoy seamless internet connection every single day without worrying if you have consumed all your data allocation.

It is because unlike GoSURF 999 that you’ll have 8GB data and after you have consumed that, you don’t have access anymore to internet unless you still have data on your app of choice freebie. On the other hand, SuperSURF 999 only has 800MB data cap per day. When you reach that, you only experience slower speed than the normal. The normal speed shall resume again on the next day.

Depending on your budget and internet needs, all comes in an awesome package. Choose that one that’s best fit for you.

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Those were the list of Globe internet promos for 1 month or 30 days. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section regarding this.


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