TNT Panalo Data 60 (PDATA60)

If you are a TNT subscriber seeking a budget-friendly promo but has longer validity, then TNT Panalo Data 60 or PDATA60 could be the best fit for you. This promo allows you to connect with the internet though the data inclusion as well as do the usual exchange of text messages.

The TNT Panalo Data 60 comes with 1GB Data which you can use to surf the web for important information you are seeking, access your favorite apps installed on the phone such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter among others. You’ll have enough data to post pictures, chat with friends, watch videos, check emails and a lot more.

TNT Panalo Data 60 - PDATA60 2018

In addition, this promo also includes unlimited texts to all networks. Not all your friends can be online every time so you can just chat but in case you need to contact them while offline, you can send them a text message!

The best thing is that this is just for the price of ₱60 that is valid for 5 days! That’s like spending ₱12 per day.


Here’s a table summary of the promo for your quick reference:

Data: 1GB Data
Call: Not Applicable
Text: Unlimited Texts to All Networks
Validity: 5 Days
Price: ₱60
Keyword: PDATA60
Send to: 4545

To register in TNT PANALO DATA 60, simply text the keyword PDATA60 to 4545. You don’t need any maintaining balance to use this promo.

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How to Pass Data using TNT PDATA60

Yes, it is possible to pass your data to a friend. This is an awesome way to share some of your available data to others in need. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Register to TNT Panalo Data 60 by texting PDATA60 to 4545.
  2. Once you have successfully registered, and you want to share data to a friend, just text PASADATA<space>11-digit TNT number of your friend<space><amount in MB>MB. Then send it to 808. Example: PASADATA 09123456789 300MB. Send to 808.
  3. Wait for a text message confirmation from TNT that you have successfully shared your data including the amount you have sent. In the example, your friend should receive 300MB data from you.

Note that there shall be a ₱1 transaction fee for every pasa data.

Additional Tips:

If you think carefully, for 5 days you’ll have 1GB of mobile internet data. So how are you going to spend it? Here are some of the useful tips from Mobile Networks Philippines.

  1. Simply divide the 1GB data in 5 days, that’s 200MB per day. So for you to use the internet until the registration expires, more or less you need to spend 200MB per day.
  2. Disable auto-updates from Google Play Store or App Store so that you can save data. Just manually update your apps when you have a WIFI connection and data is disabled.
  3. Turn-off your data when you are not using internet.

Those were the details of TNT Panalo Data 60 or PDATA60 promo and some helpful tips. Let us know what you think on the comment section.

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