TNT Panalo Combo 60 (PC60)

Some TNT subscribers prefer to subscribe to a 7 days or 1 week promo that suites the need for calls, texts and even internet data. If you are one of them, then TNT Panalo Combo 60 is the recommended TNT combo promo for you.

The TNT Panalo Combo 60 promo includes 500MB internet data you can use to surf the web and other online activities such as using your mobile game apps, social media apps among others. What’s more is that it comes with 100 minutes calls to TNT, Smart and Sun subscribers! This makes it easier to contact friends real-time when they are not currently online for chat.

TNT Panalo Combo 60 - PC60

Furthermore, the promo package also includes unlimited texts to all networks. The TNT Panalo Combo 60 or PC60 is a very ideal choice for TNT subscriber like you who needs to call, text and use the internet.

This only costs ₱60 that has the validity of 7 days or 1 whole week. It is like spending ₱8.50 per day that enables you to use most of the services of TNT: calls, texts and internet access.

TNT Panalo Combo 60

Here’s a summary of the promo:

Data: 500MB Internet Data
Call: 100 minutes calls to TNT/Smart/Sun
Text: Unlimited texts to all networks
Validity: 7 Days
Price: ₱60
Keyword: PC60
Send to: 4545

To register to TNT Panalo Combo 60, just text PC60 to 4545. Wait first for the confirmation message before you use your internet data or contact someone using your phone number.

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Important Tips:

  1. To maximize the availability of your internet, you need to allocate or budget your internet data usage per day. This means that if you have 500MB for 7 days, you need to use more or less 71MB per day so that you’ll still have data for the remaining days until it expires.
  2. It is recommended to download or update your apps when you are connected to a WIFI network. Otherwise, you’ll deplete your data for Panalo Combo 60 easily.
  3. Turn off your data if you are not using your phone or internet.

How to Share Data Using Panalo Combo 60

  1. Register first to the promo, text PC60 to 4545. Make sure you’ll have at least ₱60 load balance.
  2. Share some of your data to a friend by texting PASADATA<space>11-digit TNT number of your friend<space><amount in MB>MB. Then send it to 808. Example: PASADATA 09123456789 250MB.
  3. Wait for the message confirmation from TNT if you have successfully shared your data.

Those were the details of Panalo Combo 60 or PC60 as well as some important tips and how to share some data to a friend. Should you have any concerns, you may contact TNT directly. Let us know your opinion about this promo on the comment section below.

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