TNT Panalo Data 30 (PDATA30)

One of the most popular internet promos of TNT is the Panalo Data 30 or PDATA30. It is a very affordable promo that lets you access the web which also grants additional access to the most popular social networking site today.

The TNT Panalo Data 30 comes with 500MB mobile internet data that you can use to access all sites and applications installed on your phone. You can also stream videos as well as download files such as videos and photos in your phone.

TNT Panalo Data 30 or PDATA30

What’s more is that it offers additional 200MB special access to Facebook and Facebook Messenger on a daily basis. After you have consumed all 200MB on the first day, it will refresh on the next day! You’ll have more time replying in those group chats and watching photos of your loved ones.

The TNT PDATA30 is only ₱30 that is valid for 2 days. This is a recommended promo for those users like you who just needs to use the web lightly.

TNT Panalo Data 30

Here’s the summary of the promo:

Data: 500MB Data
Call: Not Applicable
Text: Not Applicable
Validity: 2 Days
Price: ₱30
Keyword: PDATA30
Send to: 4545

To register to Panalo Data 30, just text PDATA30 to 4545.

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How to Share Data using TNT PDATA30

If you are playing a mobile game with a friend like Mobile Legends or Clash of Clans but a friend of your’s is near emptying his data, the best thing to do is to share some of your data for both of you to continue enjoying the game. So this is how to share your data if you are using the PDATA30 promo:

  1. First off, register to TNT Panalo Data 30 by texting PDATA30 to 4545.
  2. To share your data, just text PASADATA<space>11-digit TNT number of your friend<space><amount in MB>MB. Then send it to 808. Example: PASADATA 09123456789 200MB. Send to 808.
  3. So how do you know if you have successfully share your data? TNT shall send you a confirmation message that you have successfully shared your data including the amount you have sent. In the example, your friend should receive 200MB data from you.

Note that there shall be a ₱1 transaction fee for every pasa data.

Those were the details on TNT Panalo Data 30 or PDATA30 and how to share your data. Should you have any question, you may contact TNT directly.

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